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Special Programmes

Support to Shine Skills Centre (SSC)

The Shine Skills Centre has undergone a curriculum revamp since September 2011.

Four programmes including Office Practice, Design and Desktop Publishing, Beverage and Catering Services, and Health and Beauty Care Assistant, are selected for the pilot. A series of teacher enhancement workshops have been designed and scheduled to the teaching staff of the four programmes on various topics including:

  1. Outcome-based curriculum design & development
  2. Syllabus Writing using OBE approach
  3. Outcome-based assessment planning and design
  4. Teaching and Learning Package development

The CLT has provided training and consultation support to the SSC’s colleagues.

Support to Web-based Vocational English Programme (WVEP)

This programme is under the development by the Programme Team of the Languages Discipline to support life-long learning for adult learners. With Moodle as the delivery platform, programme materials are developed, ranging from QF Levels 2 to 4. A total of 16 Module Certificate courses are being developed and rolled out in phases from Academic Year (AY) 2012/13 to AY 2014/15.

The CLT has provided instructional design and technical support to this programme since September 2011.