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DVE/FD(Level 3)

Programme General Description (Summary of projects)

The Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) Programme and Foundation Diploma (L3) Programme are programmes pitched at Level 3 of Qualification Framework. Both programmes provide valuable pathway for graduates to pursue their further study in High Diploma Course. The CLT has a team to provide support on various learning and teaching related matters to the teaching colleagues who teach Level 3 or below students.

For enquiry, please contact Eddie Yu at 2836-1810 or email us to

  • We provide both training and consultation services on the following areas:

    1. Competency-based approach to curriculum design and training
    2. Competency-based assessment design and planning
    3. Outcome-based curriculum design and planning
    4. Outcome-base assessment design
    5. Design of Written Assessment for L3 curriculum
    6. Teaching and learning package development
    7. Facilitating teenage learning in class
    8. Preparation for Programme Accreditation Exercise 

    If you want to improve your own classroom teaching techniques, you may also request for a Class Observation service. CLT colleagues will provide a class visit together with the pre- and pro- class visit consultations for your lesson.

    For enquiry, please contact Blanche Cheung at 2919-1559 or email us to

    • TLP Review for DVE Programme (AY 2011-12)

      The standardized Teaching and Learning Packages (TLPs) form an important part in implementation of the DVE curriculum. The quality of the TLP is one of the critical factors contributing to the success of the programme. The TLP Review exercise was conducted when the DVE Programme entered the last year of the first 3-year cycle.

      The purposes of the review are:

      1. To identify good practice and areas for improvement in the TLP work
      2. To encourage self-improvement of the TLP work

      A TLP Review Tool is developed by CLT to facilitate YC / Pro-Act colleagues:

      1. To review and reflect on the critical issues related to the design of the TLP
      2. To ensure the consistency and quality of TLP review at local level

      The Review Tool contains 3 checklists which include:
      Checklist 1 – Learning Outcomes
      Checklist 2 – Teaching & Learning Planning & Design
      Checklist 3 – Assessment Planning & Design

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      For enquiry of the use of the Review Tool and follow-up consultation, please contact Eddie Yu at 2836-1810 or email us to

    • Support on Enhancement of Teaching and Learning to FD(L3) teachers (AY2011-12)

      The following training workshops have been conducted to FD (L3) teachers to prepare them for the Programme Accreditation Exercise.

      1. NFD TLP Writers Training
      2. Common Pitfalls and Experience Sharing in Foundation Diploma (L 3) TLP Development
      3. OBE & TLP Training for YC-YTM

    • DVE/MAP –Curriculum & Staff Development Project (AY2009 – 2010)

      This is a staff development project for Pro-Act Centre or Youth College lecturer/instructors/trainers of the DVE Programme to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills in curriculum development, planning and design of teaching and learning strategies/activities and assessment design through Teaching and Learning Package development.

      The objectives of this Project are to simultaneously:

      1. enable staff development through training and development of teaching and learning package (TLP)
      2. develop the DVE/MAP curriculum for implementation in AY2009/10
      3. promote collaboration and partnership between different Operational Units (OU) offering streams under the DVE/MAP Programme

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DVE/Map Curriculum & Staff Development Project

Under the Second 8-year Strategic Plan for the period 2009/10 to 2016/17, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) has identified Curriculum Development and Enrichment, and Flexible Delivery as two of the six Value Innovation Strategic Initiatives. It is also planned that a new flexible
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