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Enhancing Teaching Skills

Resources: Seven Tips for Successful Project-based Learning (PBL)

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by engaging in a cumulative activity for a continued period of time to investigate and solve problems, leading to a final practical outcome (Cook & Weaving, 2013; BIE, 2014)…
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Tools and Apps for Vocabulary Building

Traditionally, learners acquire vocabulary through rote learning of glossaries and dictionaries. Unfortunately, this method does not promote retention in long term memory...
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Effective Communication with Generation Z for Learning and Teaching

People are well aware of the impacts of Gen Z in society and classrooms; and tried to find out what teachers could do to communicate with them and facilitate effective learning and teaching.
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Leaflets of Teaching Tips – English

This batch of leaflets of Teaching Tips contains various teaching and learning strategies, activities, lesson planning and other practical skills. Available in English and Chinese.      
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A Survival Guide for New VTC Teachers

This online resource was revised with updates to help you achieve the goal of helping your students learn and develop. Ways for developing a productive, yet student-friendly, classroom are also provided. The teaching tips in this guide are just to get you started. Like your students,
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教學錦囊 – 建立師生關係

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Tutoring Skills for IVE Teachers

This guide was written for IVE teachers who teach classes which are commonly referred to as tutorials. It particularly aimed at teachers who are new to interactive, student-focussed teaching methods.    
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