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Enhancing Design Thinking Skills in VTC Curriculum

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Design thinking (DT) and Entrepreneurship (ES) skills are two competencies which will better equip our graduates in facing challenges of the 21st century. DT is a thinking process and methodology to create new options or better solutions for different kinds of problems while ES is the ability and willingness to realise opportunities and to create values for others.

A stock taking exercise in 2016 observed that key elements of DT and ES had been embedded in some VTC programmes through various learning and co-curricular activities, though these elements might not be well structured or readily recognisable. To help maximise our students’ potentials and make academic learning and life skills more relevant, a more structured approach on DT skills, with ES elements, will be implemented in the VTC curriculum, initially in HD programmes. The background and general implementation approach are summarised in this presentation:

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An awareness seminar on design thinking (DT) and identical workshops to experience the DT process were arranged for staff in 2016 to facilitate enhancing DT skills in the VTC curriculum by programme developers. Relevant training material as well as video recordings of the seminar/workshop can be accessed here:

Regarding the briefing seminar and train-the-trainer workshop on the structured delivery package, please refer to their video recordings available under the “Structured Delivery Package” tab.

A structured delivery package, for adoption/adaptation by Disciplines/OUs as approporiate, has been developed to facilitate enhancing design thinking skills in programmes. The package can be downloaded here:

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The video recordings of a briefing seminar and a train-the-trainer workshop on the package can also be downloaded here:

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