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Regular Workshop Programme AY13/14: Season 2 (May-June 2014)


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About this Programme

In the midst of the academic year, the Centre for Learning and Teaching would like to offer you a new round of training workshops that help refresh and reflect on learning and teaching skills and approach in the topic areas of “Enabling e-Learning”, “Enhancing Teaching Skills”, “Professional Development”, and “Assessment”. There are 10 new titles across the topic areas. Please take a look at what’s available for your choosing in May and June 2014.

How’s Moodle kicking in since the shift to the new e-learning management platform? For those who haven’t kicked start your year with “Kickstart with Moodle” in the last round, don’t miss your chance this time. This workshop aims to provide an overview of the Moodle interface for freshmen in using Moodle to deliver learning and teaching contents and activities. For the experienced users, here’s something new. In “Co-creating Content @ Moodle”, participants will be invited to explore Moodle tools for constructing collaborative learning activities that enhance students’ participation. For those who are interested in online assessment, “Assessing Students with Assignment & Quiz @ Moodle” is worth your attention. How about something eye-catching? If you’re interested in making dynamic presentations in class, “Prezi Your Presentation in Another Way (Present with Prezi)” is definitely the one to check out. If that’s not enough, try “Flip the Classroom – Enable Interactive Classroom with Video Resources” and “The Crossover Between Reality and Virtuality – Using Augmented Reality (AR) in Your Classroom” for some techno-inspired learning and teaching ideas.

The four new titles in “Enhancing Teaching Skills” aim to enhance skills in lesson planning and resources development. “Using Six Modes of Thinking to Structure a Lesson” looks into how teachers could design more effective lessons by using six modes of thinking. What are the six modes? Please come and find out. “Conducting Interactive Lessons” is another newly developed workshop for teachers who are interested in motivating students with interactive activities. If you are having trouble coming up with attractive teaching materials, please come and check out “Designing Effective Teaching and Learning Resources”. When PowerPoint has replaced the whiteboard, learning how to use this Microsoft® tool well leads to the creation of the workshop “Effective Use of PowerPoint in Teaching”. What goes well with this workshop is “Structuring Your Ideas for Persuasive Presentations”, which allows you to structure your thoughts and ideas more effectively and getting your points across to students.

In this round of regular workshops, we are excited to offer four new titles in the topic area of “Professional Development”. To start off, it’s the “Crisis Management Skills in School Setting”, where basic skills in management of major school crisis events will be shared by a registered clinical psychologist as our guest speaker. Frontline teachers are likely to have experienced in dealing with difficult students. The workshop “Handling Students with Difficult Personalities” may offer you tips and skills in using the right communication strategies when this kind of challenging situation arises again. Another good way to build a good rapport with students is through motivation. “Motivating Students Through Positive Thinking” helps both the teachers and students. For a popular re-run, we’re glad to have Mr. Owen Wong among us again to give teachers some pointers on how to “protect” and “project” the voice in “Voicing for Presentation”. Despite it’s been a while since the commencement of NHD, the concept of outcome-based approach might still need to be reinforced further. As suggested by the workshop title, “Refresher for Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning” aims just for that.

When is 1 equals 2? This is how. A new full-day workshop in the topic area “Assessment” will offer two titles in “Designing Written Test and Test Items” and “Designing Marking Scheme for Written Test”. This is a great bargain that shall not be missed.

Feel free to check out the details of this season’s workshops in the Workshop Schedule. For enrolment, please follow the Enrolment Procedure and enrol in one or more workshops. We look forward to seeing you in our workshops. All teachers are welcome. You may also find our contact in the Enquiry.

Enabling e-Learning

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Enhancing Teaching Skills

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Professional Development

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Workshop Title Date Time Venue Facilitator
Designing Written Test and Test Items & Designing Marking Scheme for Written Test (NEW) Full-day Workshop 2014/05/20 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Room 1014, VTC Tower Joanne Tse, Raymond Wan
Designing Written Test and Test Items & Designing Marking Scheme for Written Test (NEW) Full-day Workshop 2014/05/28 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Room 1014, VTC Tower Joanne Tse, Raymond Wan

Enrolment Procedure

  1. You may enrol ONLINE, OR
  2. Download the enrolment form and send it to CLT by fax at 2904 7479.


Please note that all online enrolment will be closed 3 days before the workshop commences. If you missed any designated online enrolment time, please download the enrolment form, complete and fax it to CLT.

As the seats of the individual workshop are limited, seats will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis. A maximum of 3 enrolments will be offered to each teaching staff for this season’s programme workshop. Applicants will be notified of their enrolment status in separate e-mails.


General Enquiry
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Ms Rechell Lam
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Regular Workshop Programme AY13/14: Season 2 (May-June 2014)