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Themed Seminars/Workshops

Workshop of “What Do Educators and Their Institutions Need to Make Mobile Learning a Reality? An Introduction to the iPAC Toolkit and Mobile Learning Resources Network”

As mobile devices continue to shrink in size and cost, their functionality and potential for learning is expanding, mediated through their various affordances which include more powerful multimedia, social networking, communication and geo-location capabilities. Hence Dr Burden though
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Lecture of “Situated Knowledge Building and Mobile Technologies in the Third Space: Moving Beyond 21st Century Learning”

This lecture will explore the changing landscape of learning where mobile and other emerging technologies (e.g. Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive visualisation) are blurring the boundaries between what was once regarded as formal and informal learning. The speaker will argue that d
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Lecture of “Internationalization in Post-Secondary Education: Implications for 
In and Out of the Classroom”

Global forces have brought significant change to post-secondary education over the past twenty years. The movement of students and faculty amongst countries has never been greater, and at the same time, the challenges associated with those movements have never been greater. This train
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Lecture of “Mobile Design: Teaching Language & Literacy with Mobile Technologies”

In order to create the most appropriate mobile learning experiences for our students, we as educators must see ourselves as learning designers working at the intersection of content, pedagogy and technology.
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Lecture of “Nurturing Professionalism: Accountability and Efficiency in the Workplace, Examining the British Civil Service”

Work professionalism (e.g. accountability, work ethics and work attitudes) has received significant attention in recent years. This lecture introduces the importance of professionalism in contemporary workplaces. Using the distinctive features of the British Civil Service, and the inn
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Workshop of “Engaging Gen Z Students in Your Classroom: Can You Catch Up?”

The emergence of Generation Z, born in the 90s and raised in the 2000s, has presented challenges for educators who often not only struggle with the acceleration of technology and the prevalence of helicopter parenting, but also feel unprepared to engage and to make meaningful connecti
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Lecture of “Teaching and Learning in a Changing World: Gaining Insights into Generational Shift of Post-secondary Learners”

The lecture will focus on discussions of generational change and its implications on teaching and learning in higher education. Examining both the macro and micro factors such as economics, technology and parenting styles that are behind generational shift in the last couple of decade
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Workshop of “Strategies for using Open and Flexible Educational Resources (OFERs) in teaching”

  Even with some familiarity of Open and Flexible Educational Resources (OFERs), choosing exactly which ones are best for a teacher’s specific class and personal development is a daunting task. This workshop will focus on the use of OFERs in the context of the participants’ teach
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Lecture of “Harnessing Open and Flexible Educational Resources (OFERs)”

  With the almost mind-boggling array of learning resources now at our fingertips, it is easy for a teacher (not to mention a student) to feel under pressure. What should teachers be teaching/learning, and how? And are they keeping up? This training will summarise and analyse the
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