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Date:November 23, 2011

Outcome-based Teaching and Learning Revisited through Assessment

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Dr Eva WONG, Director

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University


With Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL), we are required to set clear goals for our students so that they know what they are expected to learn. We then have to make use of engaging pedagogies to encourage students in individual as well as collaborative learning in order to reach the set learning goals. Finally, we must help students gauge their progress with assessments and feedback. Simply put, OBTL explicitly requires the creation of a more learner-centered learning environment that effectively encourage students’ active engagement, and the provision of timely feedback to motivate them to work towards a high standard. The use of assessment rubrics both formalized and simplified the alignment process as through the rubrics, both teachers and students know what to expect and the level of performance required.

This sharing will highlight some OBTL examples of engaging students in learning activities, and how to make use of assessment, both formative and summative coupled together with appropriate assessment rubrics, to provide feedback to improve and maintain students’ motivation to continue their learning.