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「多元文化校園」Multicultural Education@Schools (MES) Workshop


「多元文化校園」Multicultural Education@Schools (MES) Workshop

在日常工作中,我們有越來越多機會遇到非華語學生,這些不同的社會文化背景的學生,為前線老師帶來不少溝通上的挑戰。有見及此,教學中心於2014年1月24邀請了香港基督教服務處為職訓局舉辨了一個名為「多元文化校園」的工作坊。目的是要鼓勵參加者,包括: 前線教師、輔導員及相關的同工,透過直接接觸,多了解非華語學生的社會狀況及文化,從而推廣種族平等及共融的價值觀。

Frontline teachers may meet various kinds of challenges these days in working with the Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students due to the differences in the cultures, briefs and values. They may face challenges when communicating with those students. In view of that, the Centre of Learning and Teaching (CLT) invited the Hong Kong Christian Service to conduct a workshop, namely “Multicultural Education@Schools” (MES), for VTC on 24 January 2014. The aim was to encourage the participants, including frontline teachers, counselors and related staff, to have direct interaction and effective communication with the NCS students so as to better understand their cultures and social situations as well as to promote a sense of harmony within school campuses.

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