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Lecture of “Situated Knowledge Building and Mobile Technologies in the Third Space: Moving Beyond 21st Century Learning”

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This lecture will explore the changing landscape of learning where mobile and other emerging technologies (e.g. Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive visualisation) are blurring the boundaries between what was once regarded as formal and informal learning. The speaker will argue that digital technologies (particularly mobile ones) and ubiquitous connectivity to the Internet are challenging many of the binaries we take for granted in education (e.g. formal and informal learning; virtual and face-to-face learning, etc.), leaving us to reconsider what we mean by learning in a digital world. He will demonstrate how the metaphor of the Third Space might be used to help educators to start to reconceptualise how they think about traditional boundaries like space and time and will then explore how mobile technologies enable learners to traverse many of these boundaries. This will focus on the use of these technologies to support learning in building original knowledge (e.g. their own eBooks) which can then be shared with a world-wide audience, thus challenging our current conceptions of authentic assessment. The lecturer will include an opportunity for feedback and discussion from participants who will be encouraged to use their own mobile devices to participate and contribute to the ideas of the lecture.

To download the presentation slides of the workshop, please click here.