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Lecture of “Mobile Design: Teaching Language & Literacy with Mobile Technologies”

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In order to create the most appropriate mobile learning experiences for our students, we as educators must see ourselves as learning designers working at the intersection of content, pedagogy and technology.
This lecture will explore how mobile learning can be implemented, covering the three main levels of mobile learning evident in the world today: learning where the devices are mobile but the learners and the learning experience are not; learning where the devices and the learners are mobile, but the learning experience is not; and learning where the devices, the learners and the learning experience are all mobile. We will also explore why mobile learning should be implemented, covering the three main agendas for promoting mobile learning in evidence today: transforming teaching and learning; fostering 21st century skills; and promoting social justice. It will be shown that both the how and why of mobile learning are affected by the tension between the affordability and affordances of the underpinning mobile devices, so that context must always be a first consideration for teachers as learning designers.
Having examined the theory of mobile learning, we will look at several case studies of mobile English language and literacy projects from different parts of the globe, including Africa, Asia and South America. These case studies will show how the mobile learning levels and agendas are realised in practice in varying settings. They will also demonstrate the importance of balancing up affordability and affordances, and the demands of different agendas.

To download the presentation slides of the workshop, please click here.