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Launching of VTC’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 
“Building Pathology – Aluminium Window Inspection”
職業訓練局小型「大規模開放式在線課程」 「建築病理學─鋁窗檢查」正式推出


With a view to better supporting student learning, a pilot mini-Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) project was initiated by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). Two mini-MOOCs: “Building Pathology – Aluminium Window Inspection” in collaboration with the Department of Construction (IVE(MH)) and “Introduction to Chinese Visual Art” in collaboration with the Department of Design Foundation Studies (DILWL) were developed and trial run in AY2014/15 preliminarily for students and staff. Riding on the experience, the MOOC project has become one of the 3-year Strategic Initiatives in AY2015/16. CLT is collaborating with academic disciplines to develop two mini-MOOCs each academic year, starting from AY2015/16 to AY2016/17. In AY2015/16, two mini-MOOCs “Principles of Measurement” and “Music Arrangement Basics” are being developed.

In the meantime, the mini-MOOC “Building Pathology – Aluminium Window Inspection” was refined with English and Chinese versions and piloted to relevant Government Departments and Professional Bodies in February 2016. In order to raise public awareness on the safety requirements of aluminium windows and to demonstrate the process of defect inspection under various scenarios, this mini-MOOC was further launched to the general public in May 2016. All VTC staff are cordially welcome to experience this mini-MOOC.

Please visit the VTC’s MOOC platform using your CNA at A brief guide of “How to login and register for VTC mini-MOOC” is available at

For valuable comments and enquiries, please contact VTC’s MOOC helpdesk at or CLT’s MOOC project team:

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