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Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) AY 2012/2013


About the Programme

The Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) is offered by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). This 24-hour programme will equip the teaching and instructing staff with basic and essential skills in teaching.

  • The programme aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become professional teachers in the VTC who can effectively facilitate student learning, and the programme objectives are as follows:

    •  improve teaching performance through better student facilitation skills and classroom management skills
    • devise appropriate teaching and learning strategies to evaluate student learning and align the assessment with learning outcomes
    • value oneself as a teacher and approach teaching in a reflective and meaningful way
    • be more attuned to VTC’s philosophy about learning and teaching


  • Upon completion of the programme, participants would be able to:

    • describe the mission and vision, structure and learning and teaching culture in the VTC
    • explain the current educational issues in Hong Kong relating to vocational education and training (VET)
    • adopt various learning and teaching approaches in order to cater for different learning styles
    • identify the link between courses, learning outcomes and assessment
    • manage student behaviour in VTC’s learning environment
    • reflect upon one’s philosophy of education as part of the professional development
    • build a learning community to promote mutual support and share good learning and teaching practices


  • The programme is designed for all newly-joined teaching and instructing staff, or teaching and instructing staff within the first year of service in the Vocational Training Council (VTC).

  • Our modules include lectures, discussions and tutorials. In some areas, computer-based learning technology is also used so as to accommodate different participants’ needs

  • To complete the programme, participants must attend Modules 1 to 5. Participants are also required to complete both Parts A and B for Module 6. A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the above requirements.


Programme Structure

The programme comprises six modules, with five taught modules and a module to reflect on participants’ learning and teaching.  Except for Module 6 “Teaching Reflection”, each module is equivalent to three hours of class contact and an hour of extended learning activities, with a total of 20 notional hours, while Module 6 comprises four hours of extended learning activities. The total number of notional hours is 24.


Module Descriptions


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