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Multicultural Education: Visiting a Sikh Temple

Multicultural Education: Visiting a Sikh Temple

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2015/01/09 (Friday)


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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ROOM 1103, VTC Tower







A Sikh priest in the temple, Fanny Leung

About the workshop:

In order to enable teaching/ supporting staff to have a better understanding of the real life situations of ethnic minorities and how the religion affects their daily life, the captioned activity is organized. Participants will be arranged to visit a Sikh Temple in Wan Chai where they can gain first-hand experience of the ethnic minorities through face-to-face interaction with the people there. The visit will be toured by the professional staff of the Hong Kong Christian Services (HKCS) who will introduce you the religious characteristics of Sikh people and discuss possible strategies to promote cross-cultural harmony in classroom and school. A briefing session will also be conducted to familiarize the participants with the taboos and etiquettes of the religion before the visit.

Medium of Instruction


Deadline of enrolment:

2 January 2015


Participants have to respect to and comply with the following dress codes and regulations of respective parties:

      1. Wear long trousers, clothing with sleeves in plain colors,
      2. Take off shoes and socks and wash hands and feet before entering into the temple.

Duration: 3 hours