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Resources: Cross Disciplinary Learning with CDIO
教學資源: 跨學科學習:善用「 構思-設計-實行-運作」(CDIO) 的架構

CDIO stands for Conceive (C) - Design (D) - Implement (I) and Operate (O). It is a learning and teaching framework for curricular planning and outcome-based assessment of worldwide university and college programmes...
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Debut of the Student Ambassador Booklet 《學生大使手冊》出版了

To support the Initiative of Internationalisation under the 8-Year Strategic Plan from 2015/16 to 2022/23 and enable students to broaden their horizons...
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Make Space for Learning 創建學習空間

While we are expecting our students to acquire 21st century skills, it is believed that our traditional school setting would be changed to accommodate the need.
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Launching of VTC’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 
“Building Pathology – Aluminium Window Inspection”
職業訓練局小型「大規模開放式在線課程」 「建築病理學─鋁窗檢查」正式推出

With a view to better supporting student learning, a pilot mini-Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) project was initiated by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT).
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Resources: Tools and Apps for Vocabulary Building
教學資源: 學習詞彙的工具與應用程式

Traditionally, learners acquire vocabulary through rote learning of glossaries and dictionaries. Unfortunately, this method does not promote retention in long term memory...
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Reshaping the Perception of Games in Education: An Introduction to Gamification in Learning and Teaching

Have you ever forgotten your meal when you are engaging in a game? How many times you scream when you win a game? Everyone can recall the excitement and enjoyment of games. Games are shared human experiences and they are part of our culture.
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Tips on Engaging Students in a Large Class

Both teachers and administrators have different interpretations as to what is meant by “large class”.
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Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies

Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) stresses on the mastery of hands-on skills and practices in authentic workplace.
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Are You Ready for Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture is a broad term describing any technology that allows teachers to record their seminars and lectures and make it available digitally. It is gaining popularity as it has been widely used as a means to provide self-paced learning outside traditional classrooms.
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