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Resources: Effective Communication with Generation Z for Learning and Teaching
教學資源: 與Z世代在教學上的有效溝通

People are well aware of the impacts of Gen Z in society and classrooms; and tried to find out what teachers could do to communicate with them and facilitate effective learning and teaching.
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Development Programme for Instructors (DPI)

A brand new programme “Development Programme for Instructors (DPI)” was launched between late July and early August
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Building Rapport with Students on the First School Day

teachers of today tend to focus on how much knowledge students can obtain and how to build students’ academic skills in classrooms
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Greetings from the CLT

Welcome to Webline. At the beginning of the new academic year, the Centre of Learning and Teaching (CLT) wishes everyone a good start and would like to thank you for your continued support.
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Salute to Teachers 2015

The new academic year begins! Let’s share the joy of learning and teaching together. The 10th of September every year is the Teachers’ Day, why don’t we “salute to all VTC teachers” for their contributions to teaching and providing love and care for students and nurturing their talen
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Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) AY2015/2016

The Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) is offered by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). This 24-hour programme will equip the teaching and instructing staff with basic and essential skills in teaching.
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Moodle Training Workshop (September)

The Central Moodle platform has been upgraded to version 2.8 with the VeriGuide anti-plagiarism software installed for use in AY2015/16. All teaching staff can access the platform to develop online modules to enhance learning and teaching.
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Upcoming Events (August 2015)

The following activities will be conducted in August 2015.  For those who are interested in the following training, please keep an eye on our latest announcement.  Do not miss the chance and enrol while seats are available!
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Teaching and Learning Space series (2): Social Worker Training Laboratory
教與學空間系列 (二): 社工培訓研習室

The Department of Child Education and Community Services (CECS) of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education set up a “Social Worker Training Laboratory” for “Higher Diploma in Social Work programme” of “Social Work Skills Training Workshop” at Sha Tin Campus in 2012.
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