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Enhancing flexible learning by technology

Flexible learning is a learner-centred approach to education and training that covers a range of delivery modes, including e-learning, distance education, mixed-mode delivery, online learning, self-paced and self-directed learning.
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The Production of Learning Space: Using Spatial Design to Promote Learning Experience

Buildings of educational institutions are media of intentions, passions and actions. A number of studies have pointed out that there is a positive relation between learning environment and learning effectiveness.
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Teaching Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Professional teachers should be aware that there may be different types of students studying in the same class, and few of them may be experiencing different levels of learning difficulties. How do we identify these students and help them overcome the learning hurdles?
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Tips on Facilitating Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students

“Experience Sharing on Facilitating Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Learners at VTC 2014”「如何教授非華語學生之經驗分享2014」
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Online Learning Know-how – Levels of Web Use
網上學習實用知識 – 不同程度的網絡使用模式

An online course is a hypermedia-based instructional program, which utilises the attributes and resources of the World Wide Web to create a meaningful learning environment where learning objectives can be achieved (Jones, Harmon & Lowther 2002).
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What happens online in 60 seconds?

In just one minute in 2014, the internet records 204 million emails, 3.3 million Facebook posts, 4 million google searches, and a whopping 50 billion WhatsApp messages. Other social media are simultaneously active, with 120 hours youtube video upload, 342 thousand tweets and 1.4 mill
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Massive Open Online Course

Recently "MOOC" has been the talk of the town and received accelerated attention in the media. So, what is MOOC? MOOC is an acronym which stands for Massive Open Online Course with the following characteristics: • Massive – The course can reach out to thousands and thousands of le
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Salute to Teachers 2014

The new academic year begins! Facing the new challenges, we encourage teachers to “embrace diversity and flexibility” and to have more interactions with different students. This can create a favorable learning environment with mutual trust and positive encouragement. Let’s share the j
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Embracing Technololgy in Education

Educators always strive to find new and interesting ways to motivate students’ learning. Using technology can be one of the means. Technology can support and enhance learning and teaching in the following four major ways: -expand the scope of classroom learning; -increase the acce
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