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Self-regulated Learning for Achieving Higher Academic Goals
自我調節學習 — 達致更高學習目標

Self-regulated Learning (SRL) is a broad term that describes self-directed thoughts and behaviours that are used to achieve academic goals (Zimmerman, 1989)...
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Briefing Session of the Medium of Instruction Training Programme for Co-teaching Initiative

The Co-teaching Initiative is a capability enhancement project aiming to enable the Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) Programme students to articulate common trade-related problems in simple English and apply the skills in learning topic-based trade contents...
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Enriching the Instructional Design of TLPs Using Innovative Technology

Instructional design refers to a systematic process of designing, developing and delivering instructional materials. A thoughtful teaching and learning package (TLP) design could engage students in learning...
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Incorporating e-Learning Resources in Learning and Teaching

Millennial learners who grow up in the digital age are more inclined to learn with the advanced technologies through which massive online information and resources with attractive and interactive multimedia could affect the learning process.
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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
融入學科內容的語文學習 (CLIL)

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an approach that a foreign language is used as a tool in the learning of a non-language subject in which both the language and the subject have a joint role
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Design Thinking: Method and Process Leading to Greater Creativity and Better Solution

Designers have long been using their sensibility and taking human-centred approach to design. They incorporate human’s emotion, behaviour and personality into the design of products.
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Bring Positive Education to Your Classroom

Teachers play a key role in the education of students by adding life and colours to promote learning. Apparently teachers would endeavour to explore new learning and teaching strategies to enhance student learning.
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Make Space for Learning 創建學習空間

While we are expecting our students to acquire 21st century skills, it is believed that our traditional school setting would be changed to accommodate the need.
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Reshaping the Perception of Games in Education: An Introduction to Gamification in Learning and Teaching

Have you ever forgotten your meal when you are engaging in a game? How many times you scream when you win a game? Everyone can recall the excitement and enjoyment of games. Games are shared human experiences and they are part of our culture.
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