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Briefing Session of the Medium of Instruction Training Programme for Co-teaching Initiative


The Co-teaching Initiative is a capability enhancement project aiming to enable the Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) Programme students to articulate common trade-related problems in simple English and apply the skills in learning topic-based trade contents. It is a collaboration among various operational units of the Council and British Council. Under this Initiative, selected topics of vocational modules from DVE Programme will be co-developed and co-taught by teaching and instructing staff of Youth College (YC) and Languages Discipline with the support from Centre for Leaning and Teaching (CLT) which will advise on instructional design of the learning and teaching materials. Incorporating the concept of technology enhanced learning, a mobile app on English technical terminology will be developed by Information Technology Discipline with the support from YC and CLT to supplement students’ learning of trade-specific content in English. In the meantime, a tailor-made professional training programme on using English as a medium of instruction will be provided to the involved teaching and instructing staff of the DVE Programme by British Council, to enhance their confidence in delivering trade-specific content and better prepare them for the possible challenges of using English as the medium of instruction in vocational modules.

To embark this special collaboration, the Briefing Session of the Medium of Instruction Training Programme for Co-teaching Initiative was held on 4 May 2017. Dr Carrie Yau, Executive Director, some members of senior management of the Council, Principals and teaching and instructing staff of Youth College, teaching staff of Languages Discipline and Information Technology Discipline were invited.

Honourable guests were invited to the Briefing Session to kick start the Project.
(Photo courtesy of CLT, 2017)

Dr Yau gave a welcoming speech to the audience and expressed her delight to see different parties joining hands for the Initiative. She highlighted the aims of the Initiative and also reiterated the significance of English communication in the workplace as well as vocational and professional education and training (VPET). Mr Christopher Ng, Head of English for Education Systems of British Council, said it was the first ever collaboration of this nature with VTC and he was looking forward to a marked impact on learning and teaching. Following Christopher, Mr Sin Kwong Kee, Principal of Youth College, and Ms Martina Chan, Deputy Academic Director of the Languages Discipline also spoke to the audience, expressing their support to the Initiative and gratitude to the colleagues involved for their contribution. Last but not least, Dr Joseph Leung, Academic Director of Information Technology Discipline, shared the preliminary development of the mobile app on English technical terminology and audience showed great interest in the innovation.

If you want to know more about the development of the Co-teaching Initiative, please contact Ms Gloria Chung (Ag SEDO/CLT) at




尤太在歡迎詞中表示她很高興看到各方可以攜手合作、支持這個項目。 她重點指出這項目的目標,並強調在各行業中使用英語溝通的重要性。英國文化協會英語培訓發展部主管吳栢倫先生謂,這是他們首次與職業訓練局作同類型合作,所以非常期待。接著,青年學院院長冼廣基先生及副學術總監(語文)陳劍虹女士亦分別表達他們對項目的支持,及對有份參與這個項目的同事表示謝意。最後,學術總監(資訊科技)梁興邦博士向參與者簡介項目中的專科英文詞彙手機應用程式的初部發展。參與者都很高興能一睹為快,看見手機應用程式的初貌。

如果想知道更多關於協同教學項目的發展,請聯絡鍾潔雯女士(教學中心署理高級教育發展主任) (。

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