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Aerial Filming Multicopter


Recently many television programmes have incorporated aerial shots produced by small remote-controlled multicopters equipped with specialised video camcorders. An entry-level model costs around a few to ten thousands Hong Kong dollars. Operators can use this kind of equipment to take stable and high-definition (HD) aerial shots.



Figure 1 shows a multicopter equipped with a 14 Megapixels, 140° field of view and f2.8 aperture fisheye camcorder, which can shoot 1080/30p full HD videos. In addition, the camcorder is mounted on a three-axis stabilised head to prevent jittering in the pitch, yaw, and roll axes. An operator can use a smartphone app to view the instantaneous video captured by the camcorder. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the multicopter has about 25 minutes of flight time after charging for 2 hours.

With the growing popularity of aerial filming equipment, VTC teacher and/or student may be able to apply aerial filming techniques on teaching and learning in the near future, such as video shooting for TV commercials and surveying for construction projects.

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隨著空中拍攝器材日漸普及,可能在不久的將來,大家便可以看到VTC 師生把高空拍攝技術應用在教學上,例如電視廣告拍攝及建造工程項目的地形測量等。


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