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Our Mission


Local Quality Policy of Centre for Learning and Teaching

To achieve the CLT’s mission, CLT staff, as recorded in its Local Quality Policy (LQP), are committed to:

(a)       Keeping abreast of the rapid changes and paradigm shifts in the field of learning and teaching according to the VTC’s strategic plan and its new initiatives, so that the services and advice they provide to the management, member institutions and teaching staff are both current and useful;

(b)      Identifying the needs of teaching staff and proactively organising appropriate educational development programmes and resources for both new and experienced teaching staff;

(c)       Promoting the CLT in such a way that its role is understood and its services are fully utilized;

(d)      Being responsive to requests from the management, member institutions and teaching staff that will support initiatives and efforts to bring about better learning experiences and outcomes for students; and

(e)       Planning, implementing, reviewing and improving processes and procedures that facilitate the CLT operating in a flexible, effective and efficient manner.




(a)    為管理層、機構成員及教學員工提供與時並進及有效的服務及建議,以配合VTC的策略計劃及新發展項目,能追上及切合在學與教方面的迅速發展及範式轉移;

(b)   辨別教學員工的需要,為新入職及富經驗的教學員工,主動地提供合適的教育發展課程及資源;

(c)    透過宣傳教學中心,讓服務對象了解中心的角色及充分使用中心的服務;

(d)   積極回應來自管理層、機構成員及教學員工的訴求,支援相關的工作項目,以達致為學生帶來更好學習經驗及成果;

(e)    以一種策劃、實踐、檢討及改善的質素保證程序,促進教學中心靈活及有效地運作。