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21st Century Learning Skills 廿一世紀學習技能

Today’s economy develops around knowledge, service and information based activities.  Consequently, educators nowadays are required to make necessary changes to educational programmes to equip students with the “21st century” skills and abilities for achieving a successful career.  The demand for such changes resulted from the failure of newly hired college graduates who could not master a range of higher-level knowledge and information based skills at the level desired by their employers.

Many recent studies indicate that the “21st century” skills should include a wide range of key skills.  According to the work of the Metiri Group, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the core set of the “21st century” skills include capabilities in analytical problem solving, innovation and creativity, self-direction and initiative, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking, and communication and collaboration skills.



近期許多研究指出,「廿一世紀」技能應包括廣泛的關鍵技能。根據「Metiri集團」 (,美國中北部地區教育實驗室及 「廿一世紀技能夥伴聯盟」( 的研究工作結果,「廿一世紀」技能的核心能力包括分析批判性思考和解難、創造力和創新、主動能力和自我定向、靈活性和適應性、批判性思考能力、溝通能力,以及協作能力。



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Here is a summary list of “21st century” skills:

Category 類別 Key Skills 關鍵技能
Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Creativity and Innovation創造力和創新
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving批判性思考和解難
  • Communication and Collaboration溝通和協作
Information, Media and Technology Skills
  • Information Literacy資訊素養
  • Media Literacy媒體素養
  • InformationTechnology and CommunicationLiteracy資訊科技和傳播素養
Life and Career Skills
  • Flexibility and Adaptability靈活性和適應性
  • Initiative and Self-Direction主動能力和自我定向
  • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills社交和跨文化能力
  • Productivity and Accountability生產力和承責能力
  • Leadership and Responsibility領導才能和責任感
21st Century Themes
  • Global Awareness環球意識
  • Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy金融、經濟、商業和企業素養
  • Civic Literacy公民素養
  • Health Literacy健康素養
  • Environmental Literacy環境素養


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