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積極思維: 轉出新轉機
Positive Thinking as Teacher Under Change


積極思維: 轉出新轉機

Leung’s Talk on “Positive Thinking for Teacher under Change”

In collaboration with YC(YCM), the Centre for Learning and Teaching invited Mr Leung Kei Cheong, the Principal of Fresh Fish Traders’ School to give a talk on the topic “ Positive Thinking for Teachers under Change”.
最近,教學中心 (CLT)和青年學院(邱子文) 合辦了一場《轉出新轉機》講座,邀請了有《校長爸爸》之稱的鮮魚行學校校長梁紀昌先生,分享他過去如何面對逆境,運用積極思維的力量,克服種種的難題,讓學校轉危為機,逃過多次殺校的命運。當日出席的有教師,管理層及部門主管等。
Mr Leung shared his experience of using various ways to develop positive thinking into his teaching staff in the past. In his speech, he mentioned that the success and achievement of a person are greatly affected by one’s own attitude to life and positive thinking. He stressed that everyone should have a dream which will drive them to achieve a better life.
Mr Leung also quoted examples from his career and experience from a mainland trip to illustrate how positive thinking could bring about positive energy and thus create positive outcomes. Three persons have tremendous influence on his life and thought in his teaching career, according to Leung:  a good teacher, a good boss and a good partner. He believed that a teacher should be the role model of positive thinking to students. Being a positive teacher, he or she should be able to turn pressure into pleasure and to face challenges and difficulties with positive thinking in their workplace. As a leader and the principal of a primary school, Mr Leung could inspire and encourage his staff to overcome challenges and barriers when facing education  reform in his school in the past years.
最後,梁校長提出5C理論,包括Computering,Caring,Catering,Coaching 和Consulting,來鼓勵老師保持持續進修的學習態度來面對未來,發揮教與學的精神。

Mr Leung’s speech is insightful and inspiring. He summarised his speech with 5Cs as tools to motivate the participants: Computer, Caring, Catering, Coaching and Consulting.


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