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Experience Sharing on Facilitating Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Learners at VTC


近年,非華語學生在VTC的人數不斷增加,為前線老師帶來新的挑戰。為了協助老師盡快適應教授非華語學生,非華語專責小組和教學中心 於2013年9月4日 ,聯合舉辦了一個名為 «如何教授非華語學生之經驗分享» 的研討會。會上,幾位資深的同事分享了他們的經驗和知識,包括不同族群學生的文化特徵、宗教背景及學習模式等。

The number of NCS students at VTC has risen tremendously which poses great pressure to the frontline teachers. In order to assist both the novice and experienced teachers to adapt to this change, a seminar on Facilitating Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Learners at VTC was organized by the NCS Task Force and the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) on 4 September 2013. During the seminar, experienced colleagues from various units of the Council shared their knowledge and experience in the cultural backgrounds, characteristics and learning styles of different ethnic groups. They also shared successful cases and strategies of facilitating NCS learners to learn.
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